How to plan a 5-person marriage, following COVID-19 restrictions

Let's all take a collective deep breath before plunging into the latest news from COVID-19. The situation is rapidly evolving, and we're here to bring you information as you receive it. It's our sincere hope that you know you're not alone — numerous couples around the world are putting their wedding plans on hold. The simple fact of the matter is that all of us are together in that.

As of midnight 25 March 2020, all Australian weddings were limited to groups of five, including the couple, their celebrant, and two witnesses. We don't know how long these restrictions will be in place yet, but it is something we will be closely monitoring and keeping you updated.

If a date has been planned for your wedding within the next three months, now is the time to postpone if you haven't already. Yes it's sucking. But you are not alone, again. If your wedding is planned for the next six months, we would recommend that you keep an eye on restrictions as they progress, and make a four to six week decision. Wedding vendors and venues around the world are going through this process, and we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how accommodating and kind this industry can be.

How to restrict your wedding guest list to two

The latest wedding rules during COVID-19 allow two lucky witnesses and one celebrant to join you for an intimate wedding, provided that you comply with government regulations to maintain a smart one person social distance per four square metres of floor space.

Now you just have to pick those lucky witnesses! The idea of having only one parent or one set of parents seems to many to be a bit unfair. Instead, you might consider bringing your two closest friends into the fold, one representing your inner circle on either side.

It's going to be a struggle for many to narrow it down and we fully understand that. The good news is that as a couple, you can take your time thinking through this decision and figure out what works best for you.

Another option is to limit your two witnesses to a pair of photographers — or a photographer and a videographer — able to capture your tiny ceremony in real time. We have in our network a lot of photographers and videographers who would be excited to capture your micro-wedding.

As for a celebrant, if you don't already have one locked in, we know more than a few who would be thrilled to help you plan a micro-wedding ceremony which is as meaningful and romantic as the original ceremony you'd planned. Head to our Details directory.

Uncertain which vendors to go with under such circumstances? Check out our wedding advice page which directly connects you with celebrities, photographers, videographers, and more so you can ask about their services during COVID-19.

An Online Family Affair

Not so keen on the idea that just two people would witness this special occasion? Just pretty fair! We love our closest and dearest gatherings especially when there's something celebratory on the table. While your party may be postponed in person, it is always an option to get your wedding guests to meet online and witness your micro wedding ceremony!

The best thing about hosting a virtual wedding ceremony is that you can provide something for all your socially isolated guests to look forward to and celebrate in this difficult time.

There are many ways to host a wedding online, but we would recommend that you kick things off by setting up a Facebook group for your guests only. Once you have a plan in place for your micro-wedding ceremony, your guests can tune in for a live Facebook event and watch from the comfort of their homes you exchange your vows.

That doesn't have to feel restrictive. Get creative with this one! Ask your guests to dress up, grab a bubble glass and enjoy the live feed. You might even get a bottle of bubbly delivered to them before your wedding day.

Get your guests involved by asking everyone to share their favourite storey about you on the Facebook page leading up to the wedding ceremony. Designate a few to give virtual toasts. Invite your family and friends to share photos on the site.

Have fun with it now so that when your in-person wedding is approved to go forward you can have even more fun later.

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